Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wild Fire by Christine Feehan

Called on a dangerous assignment, leopard shifter Conner Vega returns to the Panama rainforest of his homeland, looking every bit the civilized male. But as a member of the most lethal of the shifter tribes, he doesn’t have a civilized bone in his body. He carries the scent of a wild animal in its prime, he bears the soul-crushing sins of past kills--and he’s branded by the scars of shame inflicted by the woman he betrayed.

Isabeau Chandler’s a Borneo shifter who’s never forgiven Conner--or forgotten him. The mating urge is still with her, and when she crosses Connor’s path, passions run like wild fire. But as Connor’s mission draws Isabeau closer, another betrayal lies waiting in the shadows--and it’s the most perilous and intimate one of all.

Christine Feehan always knows how to write me a good book. I've always been partial to paranormals, and shapeshifters are probably my favorite when featured in a romance, and Feehan knows how to do them oh so well. Her Leopard series features Alpha men with hearts and women who won't take anybody's sh*t. In this particular book I'd have to say that Feehan definitely ups the violence level, though it is completely appropriate to the storyline. Not only does Connor get a beating on multiple occasions, Isabeau also gets pretty mangled by one of the bad guys. I'd have to say that with time I've seen Feehan's heroes get much more drawn into the line of fire in her books, and I think while it's hard for me to read at the time it's an example of the growth that she shows as an author that her characters are forced to overcome those types of harrowing experiences (Hidden Currents anyone?).

And still Feehan doesn't forget the romance that is for me the reason I pick up her books. Even though Connor and Isabeau get off to a rocky start, their attraction and emotional attachment is palpable from the beginning. Throughout the story they are forced to confront not only bad guys but how they interact with each other. It's a great book and a fantastic series, and while you don't have to read the ones that come before Wild Fire, I feel like your enjoyment would be that much more if you took the time.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up. This might start overtaking Feehan's other books as my favorite series, because every installment is always fantastic!

Series - 1) Fantasy (anthology) 2) Wild Rain 3) Fever 4) Burning Wild 5) Wild Fire