Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thirsty Thursdays (5/6)

In honor of long ago college Thursdays, nights spent with friends in Armadillo Grill eating chicken nachos and consuming mixed drinks (Adult Kool-Aid anyone?) I've decided to implement Thirsty Thurdays. These posts are going to highlight some of my favorite shots/shooters/mixed drinks and include links so you can make them on your own time!

**DISCLAIMER: Any type of alcoholic beverage should be consumed in safe amounts and no one should ever attempt to drive a car or any other type of machinery while intoxicated.***

This week I'm going to talk about a shooter I had for the first time in Dublin that is really sweet but REALLY good - The Baby Guinness. It's called a 'Guinness' because the combination of coffee liquor and Baileys creates a shooter with a dark bottom and a light, cream colored head: just like an actual Guinness.

I was taught to make this with
Tia Maria but I think any coffee liquor will work - and changing up the flavor of Baileys you use is another way to customize this to your tastes. I love making this drink with regular Baileys, but I've got to admit that caramel flavored is the BOMB!